distance is a killer

So today I watched Stephanie walk away once more. Its a sad sad sad feeling that I hope none of you should have to deal with. But I’m gonna be okay! I’m by myself now, which means that I will be blogging more, yeah man! Not that that is better than spending time with my girlfriend, but at least I have something to do with all this spare time that I now have.

I watched the documentary in the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set and it was really really cool! I didn’t know that it took so much for George Lucas to get those movies off the ground. I didn’t even realize that all of it was made independently. Lucas was determined not to have to deal with the Hollywood system or any of the corporate crap, because he wanted to make the movie that he wanted to make. He didn’t want people telling him how to make his movie. I think that’s awesome! I like it when I hear about people fighting the system and actually succeeding.

I also found this super cool theme for Windows XP! Now I’m usually one of those people that have hated themes for Windows since the day they started. They always annoyed me because I would site down at someone else’s computer and it would make cricket noises and I would have this ridiculous frog following my mouse around. HONESTLY, who needs that!? But this theme is not obnoxious and merely makes the windows more shiny! I like shiny! It basically makes Windows XP Home or Pro look more like Windows Media Center Edition or Tablet PC Edition. Its awesome! Check it out here!

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