gonna move into the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches

hey everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything so I figured I would post this morning since I have nothing to do at the moment.

I was hopping around the internet this morning and came across some really really cool news regard MacWorld which officially starts today! I’m so excited because as much as I love my PC, mac just has style man. So anyway, it appears that Apple could be releasing a TiVo rival! Its pretty much an apple computer that records tv, but its hard to tell from the pictures. I’m guessing there is more to it than just recording tv, because there are way too many ports on it. Alex Albrecht has the scoop on this one.

There’s a lot more happening at MacWorld today but that’s just a highlight I thought was more important than all this hype over the flash based iPod. I just don’t understand people’s fascination witht that thing. It holds less music….thats all I have to say. Get a real iPod that you’ll never need more space on.

In other news, the same guy who was sueing the government over the “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance is at it again. He’s apparently sueing the government over the prayer at the inauguration. The dude seriously needs to find a better hobby. He just keeps sueing and losing! He should really just move to another country if he has a problem with the way Americans do things.

Anyway, I guess that’s all there is for the day! I’m got tickets to fly to West Virginia in February and I’m all excited. That’s all the important news from my personal life today haha. You guys take it easy!!!

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