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Wed, Jan 12, 2005 2-minute read

OH MAN! So today provided a lot of neat gadgets to drool over from those wonderful people at Apple Computers. I wasn’t even halfway expecting what they’ve released to us today. Here’s a quick rundown of the things announced at today’s MacWorld Expo.

I give you…..MINI-MAC

This thing just looks awesome. Its a $500 macintosh. I never thought I would see one of these in my lifetime! Its awesome! Its like a little cube with a computer inside. It’s so crazy, I want one so bad man. I’ve really wanted a desktop mac for a long time, but they’ve always been so expensive. Maybe this is my chance!!! This thing is only 6.5 inches on the sides and 2 inches tall. Its amazing! Looks more like a paper weight than a computer.

and yes…the flash based iPod.. the IPOD SHUFFLE!

This is pretty cool but it’s holds fewer songs which would only be useful cutting grass or running. I have way too many songs and I love having way too many songs. It’s cool for people who just want some music for a little while. It comes in 512 mb and 1 GB models. the 1 GB holds 240 songs which is decent. I guess it would be cool if you can’t afford the 299 dollar pricetag for a normal ipod. This can be yours for only $99.

These are two things they talked about that were most notable. They also have a new iLife suite, iLife ‘05. It seems to have tons of new improvements especially to iPhoto, and iMovie is now capable of editing HD format video. That’s pretty awesome if you have an HD camera. They also have introduced iWork ‘05, which is pretty much Apple’s rival to Microsoft Office. It looks pretty cool and of course it integrates all of Apple’s other software into it seamlessly. You can drag photos from iPhoto, or video from iMovie straight into your projects. Pretty nice!

Well thats all I’ve got right now. I’ll keep posting news I find throughout the week.