the big bang

Fri, Jan 14, 2005 2-minute read

So I am in the middle of a moral dilemma. For the last couple weeks, the topic of my biology class has been evolution and I do not agree AT ALL with the THEORY of evolution. My biology teacher is an evolutionist, believes it as FACT, and for some reason feels like pressing it on us everyday! I’m going nuts! I just don’t think they should be able to teach all that crap, just like Christian’s aren’t allowed to teach Creationism. One is a belief just as much as the other and it just seems wrong to teach either of them. Its driving me crazy! I’m debating on dropping the class because it just keeps on going and I feel like I am a Christian in a very hostile environment, you know what I mean? Today’s topic of discussion was that the sponge is the root of all life on earth, and another girl had a current event we discussed that said prayer didn’t work and was merely a psychosematic thing. Like we only get better because we believe we’ll get better because people are praying for us.

It’s just so wrong coming from a school where everyone believes in the bible to a school where there are few people that do. I guess I might be taking it too hard but its difficult not to. I’m thinking if it keeps up that I’m gonna drop the class. I’m so stressed out over it right now it’s ridiculous.

In other news from my life, I went to fix this lady’s computer today. I feel like I didn’t succeed. I got her computer running faster but I was unable to get AOL, yes that is America Online (dial up…..ewww), to work! I tried every single thing that I could possibly come up with. I ran spyware, virus checkers, everything! It didn’t work. So I told them to reinstall AOL and then maybe it would work. They were running windows xp on a system with 128 mb of RAM. So it was running really really slow, and I guess I just feel like I should have been able to pull more power out of it. Alas I couldn’t. I got a lot of it working though. I just feel all stressed out over because I couldn’t do everything I needed to. I took half a nerve pill…..I’m feeling better now.