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I like lando’s moblog…you guys should check it out.

Well not much has happened these last couple days, but I did get a chance to go see the new movie In Good Company. Man it was so good. It was hilarious man, I laughed so hard at some parts. It’s about a 50 year old guy who gets replaced in his job by a 26 year old guy, but they form this awesome relationship, and the younger guy starts dating the older guy’s daughter. Dude, my descriptions suck, but I have to say that it was awesome. You guys should really go see it. It’s just one of those feel good, real life, good time movies. I thought it was brilliant. I love these under-the-radar, non-mainstream movies. You know, the ones the critics love but nobody seems to go see. Those are great.

I guess that’s about it. The riffs in that new Kelly Clarkson song are freakin’ awesome man, I don’t care who you are. I swear I’ve written that before though….hmmm…anyways. You guys stay cool.

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