power to the people

You know, I was sitting around today just thinking that computers have given us so many capabilities that people just didn’t have before. People can now be their own journalists, film makers, radio personalities, and pretty much anything else we can dream up. It’s not like people couldn’t do these things before but now its so accessible for EVERYBODY!

There are people that are submitting films to the Sundance Film Festival now that are done using only a PC and a MiniDV camera! Editing wasn’t even feasible for people back in the day before PC’s and this software and what not. Now anybody that wants to can make movies. It’s nuts!

This recent thing I’ve discovered today that has been out for a long time is Podcasting. I love this stuff! I refuse to listen to the radio in the morning on my way to school because it’s really bad here. This podcasting has opened the door for me to hear new radio shows from EVERYWHERE. It’s basically audio feeds from different websites that let you download their broadcasts and put them on mp3 players. It’s awesome because they have this software called iPodder that automatically downloads the feeds that you subscribe to and puts them into iTunes then lets you transfer it to your iPod! It’s so cool! And now anybody with a microphone and imagination can get their voice all over the internet and on people’s iPods! Even if you don’t have an iPod, you can still use this software and transfer it to your mp3 players, it just integrates better with iTunes and the iPod, but its still simple for you non-iPodders. So check it out because they have some good channels, especially for the geeks out there.

What I’m iPodding:
The Laporte Report
The Chris Pirillo Show
Inside Mac Radio

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