apples and oranges

I found this really great article today that compares the new Mac Mini with the cheapest Dell. It really shows how they compare and makes a good point. The article mentions that when it comes to the Mac Mini, they stripped it down externally (no keyboard, display, or mouse) to make it cheaper, while most Windows PC manufacturers strip theirs down internally (less software, less peripherals, and less RAM). I thought that was really cool and it shows the skeptics that you get more bang for your buck if you buy a Mac as opposed to a Windows PC.

I recently worked on a computer for someone becuase it was running crazy slow and they couldn’t get AOL (….eww) to dail-up. I was looking through their system properties and found out that these poor souls had purchased a computer from Dell with a 2.5 Ghz processer (awesome) but they only had 128 mb a RAM!! I couldn’t believe it! What kind of computer only has 128 Mb now! Their computer ran ridiculously slow and they had one of the faster processors on the market. It made me really understand how necessary RAM is to have a fast machine. The moral of the story…..GO BUY RAM! And that is exactly what I told these people.

Now anyway. I know I haven’t posted in a few days but thats because I’ve been playing the cooooolest game on the XBOX right now man! MERCENARIES. That game is freakin awesome. You can blow up EVERYTHING! Its ridiculous! It’s like Grand Theft Auto but army styled. You’re after this group called the Deck of 52 (exactly like Iraqi playing cards), a group of North Korean terrorists. The one thing that makes this game shine to me is the sound. The bullets whiz by your head, and ricochet off things and actually have a “thick” bullet sound to them. Not your usual video game machine guns. Its awesome! Anyway, go play it because I know you guys will enjoy it.


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