Sun, Feb 6, 2005 2-minute read

Man I finally got around to watching my Clerks: 10th Anniversary Edition the other day and I’ve watched it 3 times since then. It’s so awesome. The only real enhancement that I can see, or should I say hear, is the sound. The video is still really grainy but I think that it should be. It’s an independent film that needs to retain it’s independent look. It’s such a cool movie man. If you’ve never seen it, then you should just go out and rent it right now. It contains extremely vulgar dialogue though, but hey! It’s still fun.

I haven’t been doing too much else but watching tv and writing. I’ve now got about 8 pages on the script for this short film now. Which equates to roughly 8 minutes.

I’ve realized that I have caught the “make a movie” bug and I can’t stop thinking about recording some sweet movie. Me and my friends used to make all kinds of movies back in the day. The last one we made was a Star Wars spoof to advertise a Talent Show we were having at school. It was freakin' awesome and also the most controversial film we made. Not that it would be controversial to your average joe, but to a bunch of uptight people at my Christian school, the word “Wazoo” was way too off-color heh heh. But after pleading to the right person long enough, we got to show it.

I guess that’s my story for today. I’m gonna write a little more on the script. Later!