the day the music died

Wed, Feb 23, 2005 3-minute read

Today, was a bad day….a bad day for musicians everywhere. Blink 182 has announced an “indefinite hiatus”. Now I don’t know what that means, but I really hope they aren’t calling it quits. I love that band. Blink 182 is the band that made me realize music was out there. Before that time, I was listening to classic rock and country. That was as far as my musical interests went, but then my good friend Joey introduced me to Blink 182’s “Enema of the State” and I was hooked. It was because of these guys that I picked up my first guitar. It was because of these guys that I wanted to be in a band and make music. Me and Patrick learned pretty much every Blink song ever written so we could play them together. Our whole live performance was based off of how Blink did it, with all the jokes and chit-chat, under the impression that the audience would listen to us and feel more involved because we talked.

Every band that I’ve ever seen came on to the stage, did their songs, said a few “F” words and moved on. Blink did all that but they had a style like no other. They didn’t just use their spots between songs to announce the next song with some kind of “get up and rock” speech. They talked to the audience, they talked to each other, they were up there having a blast. I’ll always remember that concert I saw and how much fun it was to see my favorite band on stage playing songs. It was awesome because they dedicated a song (Carousel) to all the kids in bands…now I know that was very general but it still hit me like wow! These guys know who I am. Their music spoke to a generation. Everyone I know that is my age found music through Blink 182. They said everything that we needed to hear. Man, I remember the first song I learned to play on guitar was “All the Small Things”. That’s not a very impressive feat but hey, it was a song. Our band played that sooo much, but I honestly never got sick of hearing it. I would listen to it right now…..I think I will! HA!

But anyway, that time is over, and hopefully they will come back in full swing at some point. I just can’t see them stop making music. They seemed like to good of friends just to quit. But maybe there were things there we never saw. I really don’t want to know though, because I’d like to remember them how they were at the end….AWESOME.