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Man, it has been a while since I’ve posted! But I have good reason.

I finally managed to join the online gaming world by using Dial-up. Yes! Before you start cringing and rolling on the floor in agony, just hear me out. My satellite has some wicked bad latency so I can’t play any online games without totally lagging and not knowing where I am. For instance, I could see myself standing by a house, but everybody else would see me standing on a mountain 50 feet away. So it really doesn’t work so well. But this dial up is working great! I can actually play some online games and not be totally frustrated! It’s awesome!

The only downside to using dial up is that it’s…..AOL. Yes you can start cringing again, but its pretty much my only option. Satellite is too expensive so we can’t have both. I happened to download a free 50 day trail of AO-Hell and it has been my gateway to the world of online gaming. I hate it so much though because it added all kinds of garbage to my computer that I don’t need. It’s basically the Idiot’s Internet. That’s how I see it. It’s for people who forget that they can find their programs from the start menu. It’s that ridiculous. But It’s getting me though, and when my 50 day trial expires I will gladly delete it.

In case you’re wondering, the online game that I have been playing is called There. It’s seriously one of the coolest games I’ve ever played. It’s peaceful, as opposed to most of your online games being crazy and violent. It’s basically a giant virtual reality chat room, but you can have buggies and hoverboats and paintball guns and stuff. It’s really fun and I encourage you guys to try it out because there is a free 3 day trail which is more than enough to get a view of how the game is, and its only 5 bucks for a year membership. I’m pretty much addicted to it now. But it’s great! My name is Steef in There if you guys do decide to check it out. Unfortunately you have to use Internet Explorer to browse the site, just so you know.

In other news! On the tech side of things, Dan Huard, former G4TechTV employee, has finally opened his site I’ve been checking it out a little bit and it’s actually a really good site with some awesome articles written by familiar faces in the TechTV and thebroken circles. They also have really good Forums if you’re looking for people to talk tech with.

I guess that’s about it. Catch you guys later!

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