wheaties, breakfast of champions

Well I’ve finally got my blog going in the direction that I want it to go. I have this awesome new picture at the top of the blog (created in photoshop by me…oh yeah!) and my “Associations” buttons are now looking like they’re supposed to. I’m well on my way to having a pretty good blog now.

Well today was yet another fateful day in my life; Stephanie has left to go to back to West Virginia. I don’t remember if I posted about it but she has been here for the past week and it has been excellent! We did some really fun stuff…most of it involved eating at various restaurants but still, it was fun! We also went to see Hitch yesterday, which turned out to be a very good movie. It was really funny! But she’s gone now so I’m back to waiting for my 9 o’clock phone call from her every night, and I’m cool with that. It would just be nice to be with her all the time.

Anyway! I’ve found a new website that you guys should probably know about. If you’ve ever wanted some free storage for your pictures then I have the place for you. www.imagehosting.us is a place that lets you store up to 25mb of pictures for FREE! I signed up for this service so I could get my main logo picture at the top. It could prove to be very useful. They give you various HTML codes to post your pictures in different ways (i.e. direct links, thumbnails). It’s really useful. They also give you 100mb of bandwidth so its more than enough for people to get your pictures numerous times. Especially if you don’t generate much traffic…like me haha. Okay, thats it for today! BE COOL!


  1. Steph

    You’re new blog looks so awesome! It seems more like you. I could never do anything like this..haha. I love you new heading thingy. ^_^ Looks great sweetheart!

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