I should write things down

I had a really fun quote that I was going to post and now I’m all annoyed that I didn’t write it down because it will never come back to me. I have this awesome little voice recorder thing that I might start carrying around with me for those rare moments when find some piece of genius floating through my head.

I have been working like crazy today trying to figure out why my good buddy Lando can’t get a sidebar on the LEFT side of his blog. It seems like a perfectly feasible goal, but I am having no luck manipulating his code to make it so. I’ve even taken to learning CSS so I can make my own stylesheet that will allow me to do it, but that’s gonna take a while because I have to accomadate all of bloggers CSS elements. It’s kinda fun learning this stuff though because it makes you feel all smart. I’ve always been pretty good at learning code and what not, and CSS is proving to be much easier than I originally thought. If any of you guys can come up with the code for adding a sidebar on the left side of your posts then let me know in the comments.

I watched a long interview with George Lucas on 60 minutes tonight. It was really cool and they showed some sweet new footage of episode III. Some shots of General Greivous, a little bit of Yoda, some more of the Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan fight. This movie is gonna be so great. I can’t wait! Plus my sweet new Jedi Robe comes in tomorrow! Yeah, I know I’m a dork, but we only get one more chance to enjoy all the Star Wars hooplah at midnight.

UPDATE: I finally figure out how to get Lando’s bar on the left side. No more worries! YEAH MAN!

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