oh yeah!

Today was an excellent day! I got this sweet Jedi robe today so I can be all awesome at the premiere of Episode III. Yes I realize that I’m crazy! But you know, we can only dress up like a bunch of goobers maybe once or twice in our lives, and I choose to take advantage of this moment.

The robe is super high quality too. I’m extremely impressed! I knew that the robes were supposed to be awesome, but I was really surprised when I actually opened my package. It weighs a lot so it actually feels like a robe, and the material is really thick. It also has the perfect hood and sleeves. If you want to check out these robes yourself go to OuterRobes.com. That’s where I got this one and they had excellent shipping and service, plus the robe is amazing! It’s all long and kind of drags on the floor a bit but not quite enough to worry about tripping over.

Oh yes, the Episode III premiere is gonna be sweet!

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