Sharing is good

Tue, Mar 15, 2005 2-minute read

I’ve discovered something today thanks to my wonderful girlfriend Stephanie, who has yet to learn the beauty of all that is Firefox ;). Apparently my new template does not work in Internet Explorer….so all of you who stumble upon my site using that ridiculous web browser should now take this opportunity to switch to Firefox where my page displays perfectly. NO I will not change my layout to accomodate you stragglers. Join the Firefox army today and leave the security holes and pop ups behind you.

UPDATE: I just checked and I guess Internet Explorer does display my site properly. But I’m leaving this up so you all can understand that I love Firefox.

In other news today, I’ve found a new program that seems to be the perfect private networking solution. It’s a program called Grouper. It lets you set up a private sharing network between you and your friends anywhere! It lets you download files that your buddies make available, but nobody outside your group can view the files. It even lets you stream music from your buddies computer, and best of all….IT’S FREE! It’s like having a central server between you and your friends but all the files stay on your individual computers. Not sure on how “secure” this thing is yet, but there are some people testing it out. But honestly, who’s gonna know you are sharing stuff unless they know you….but I’m not going to underestimate those crazy hackers and crackers.