so called broadband...

Wed, Mar 16, 2005 2-minute read

This satellite internet that I have been plagued with over the past 2 years is really starting to take its toll on my patience. I am one of those unfortunate people that is left with no options for broadband and is left with..dun dun dun…Satellite! Now, when I first started using it a few years ago, it gave me no problems and I was cruising along downloading at anywhere from 150 to 250kb/s and it was awesome! But lately I have been chugging along at a less than useless spead of 56k…if not less. I might as well be using dial up service! I don’t know what the heck happened to it but its beginning to drive me crazy!!! I wanted to see the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” trailer today, and like most people, I wanted to see it in Hi-Res. So I go to stream it and it takes a freakin' 35 minutes!! For a video that was like 20mb….20MB!!! It’s ridiculous.

If you were curious, the service that I have been stuck with is known as DirecWay “Lightning fast internet via Satellite”…yes that’s what they say. They advertise speeds of 400k but the average user only gets 150 max. I don’t know what happened but I’m seriously thinking of switching to Starband…but I don’t know if that would help any. They don’t have a download cap so I wouldn’t have to worry about that. Unlike Direcway which cuts your speed back if you download 169mb in a 12 hour period. It’s super crappy. No Linux ISO’s for me. There’s also this new thing called WildBlue that is supposed to be coming along and will blow Starband and Direcway out of the water by way of Affordability and Speed. It’s advertising downspeeds of up to 1.5MB which is significantly greater.

Anyway, I’m using this post as an informative post as well as a RANT. If you have the opportunity for any broadband other than satellite, get it. Don’t even play with the satellite idea. It’s worthless. Cable and DSL rock. I can’t wait to move back to a civilation that is safe for G33ks like me. It’s like a wasteland out here. No technology whatsoever….well we have powerlines and a telephone, but other than that…nothing. I’ll make it though! I’m staying positive. At least I have school to turn to, with their T1 line. I downloaded 2mB in a second the other day…it was amazing. Anyway! Catch you guys later! Be COOL!