I’ve started using Winamp again today. I haven’t used this program since 8th grade but they’ve made some crazy improvements since back in the day. I am actually enjoying using more than I enjoyed iTunes. I don’t know why but there is something more crisp about the sound quality and it responds much faster when you switch between songs. It’s basically instantaneous. I’m starting to like it because it’s so easy to customize and the possibilities are nearly endless. You can make it as simple, or as complicated as you want. They’ve got some neat skins for it too.

I guess the reason I didn’t like Winamp before was because I was an idiot and couldn’t keep all my garbage organized. Now I’ve got more folders than you can shake a stick at, and my entire computer is ridiculously organized…although I think it’s due for another tune-up. I find that it’s a healthy habit to organize your computer every now and then. But anyway, check out Winamp if you haven’t already. I used it to listen to some indie stations on Shoutcast earlier today at school and decided to try it at home. Shoutcast is pretty cool too if you get a chance to look at it. I’m not too into internet radio…mostly because it doesn’t work at my house (buffering….grr), but it’s really cool. They have some good Indie Rock stations. Check it out.

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