Internet Annoyances

These are a few websites I’ve been using lately to get out of various annoying things that different sites on the internet make you do. If you ever have to sign up for things that require you to put in your email and send that verification email. You can just put in a random address like this and they will send the email there where you don’t have any kind of secure login. You just go, type in the address you used and they let you into the inbox to get the message. It’s a really great service for when they want you to have a verification email. This another one for stupid logins. If you don’t feel like signing up for the service you can go here, type in the address, and they’ll give one of several usernames and passwords that will work for the site. Don’t try this on sites that actually make you pay for the service (Star Wars Hyperspace for example) because the passwords never work. There is also an extension for Firefox (yet one more reason to use Firefox) that lets you right click the login box, choose bugmenot and it will fill in the required information for you! Very handy.

Anyway, I just thought I would share this knowledge with you guys because it could prove very useful when you’re browsing the internet for something new.

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