Trillian 3

Well I just seem to be on a software scavenging binge lately but I’m having a blast. I’ve found another awesome little app that has been around forever but has been vastly improved since last time I used it. It’s called Trillian.

Now this handy little software allows you to be logged on to several different Instant Messaging services all at the same time through one program. It’s like a universal remote for Instant Messaging. I’m loving it so far. I’ve even signed up for all the messaging services just so it has more uses. It’s great because there are absolutely no ads (at least for the pro version, don’t know about the basic). I’m signed up on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, and ICQ now. It even has support for IRC but since I can’t find any cool servers to talk on for IRC, I haven’t tried that one yet.

Anyway, this is a great little app if you have a bunch of friends with different services. It just keeps you from having 4 programs running at the same time hogging system resources. Give it a try!

I’m gonna try and get those little status indicators for the right side of my blog so you guys can tell if I’m online. Fun Stuff!


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