Creative Labs owes you money

It looks like our good friends at Creative Labs, makers of the Audigy and Extigy line of suondcards, owe some of us quite a bit of money. They just settled a lawsuit over the quality of playback their cards can supply. They claimed 24-bit audio at 96khz but the cards just can’t handle it. So if you own one of the following cards and puchased it between March 28, 1999 and December 28, 2004, Creative Labs is willing to give you 20% off of your next Creative purchase! Up to $62.50! That’s quite a bit!

The offer works on these cards:
Audigy ES, Audigy Platinum, Audigy Platinum EX, Audigy Gamer, Audigy MP3+, and the Extigy external USB sound module.

I’m glad I have one of these! I’m gonna try and get the deal and let you know how it goes! Gotta love corporate exaggerations, sooner or later we get free stuff!

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