greeeen acres

Well we are getting much closer to having an good looking pasture for our horses. I’ve been working on a fence for the past three days trying to go around about 5 acres. It’s actually been pretty easy so far but I’m about to have to venture into the woods to plant some posts. I hate driving poles in the woods because there are so many trees and 9 times out of 10 you hit a root and have to move around it. But that’s okay! The horses are going to be happy.

Lately I’ve been trying to get into chatting on IRC. I’m not much of a chatter at all, especially when it comes to random people on some chat server, but I’m out in the middle of nowhere with nobody to really talk to most of the time, so I figured I would try the infinite resources of the internet. I’ve had no luck. Every room I go into nobody is talking, plus it’s mostly all file sharing and stuff. So far the only thing I’ve used it for is downloading things for my xbox off of #xbins. That’s the place to go if you ever need some stuff for a modded xbox. They have all kinds of apps and skins and emulators…basically anything you’d ever need.

I got the new Armor for Sleep cd and it’s freakin awesome! It’s not super amazing or anything buts it’s definitely something to pick up if you’re getting tired of the newest cd that you have. It’s pretty much just another emo cd, but I really like the music. Not all the songs sound the same; they all use different effects and what not. I really like it. The only thing that gets me is that the whole cd is about death, hence the title “What To Do When You’re Dead”. Every single song is about the dude being dead and singing back to someone. But I guess that’s okay because the music rocks.

I’m starting my CISCO networking class next week. It looks pretty hardcore judging by the book that I have. It came in a big cardboard box because it was packaged with some Virtual Lab software. They really go in depth about the OSI model and exactly what protocols work in which layer. Crazy stuff! They say it’s the certification to get though if you want to be a high class networking guy. Most of the stuff I doubt I’ll ever use…or I might use it but not in the context it’s given to me in. I don’t know though. This class could really suprise me.

Anyway! There’s the update on my personal life and what is going on. I know I’ve been posting a lot more news and stuff but that’s kind of the direction I’m going. I want people to come to my blog for stuff like that, plus the only people who really care about what I’m up to is my friends. But I’ll do posts like this alot too, I just want a balance. I like telling you guys about new programs and services. It’s really fun stuff! Well that’s it! Later!

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