Ambiguous Sexuality

Wed, Mar 30, 2005 2-minute read

Today has been a day! I found out that my cat, we affectionatly named Muffin, is actually a male cat. I’m very disappointed. All this time I was thinking that our cat was a girl. Before you start making cracks about how I don’t know the difference, I just want you to know that I’ve never actually looked. We got the cat from this girl in West Virginia and she said it was a girl so it never occured to us that “she” might very well be a “he”. So I’m sure by now we have given the cat a complex he will never grow out of…that on top of the humiliation he’ll feel from other male cats because his name is Muffin. That one is my fault.

Anyway, we had to take the cat to the vet today because of some kind of infection is his foot. I didn’t go but my sister said that the doctor just gave him a shot and now we have some medicine to give him. That’s how we learned the cat was a male. The doctor took it upon himself to “check”. He found out that our cat is a male, but has an undescended testicle…yet another reason we didn’t notice. Apparently the cat appears to only have one. That sucks…poor fella.

So that’s the story of my cat’s first 6 months of life as a very confused male animal.

On another note, my Cisco class started today and I’m proud to say that I didn’t know any of the answers to any of the questions on my Pre-Test. That’s a test they give us to see how much we know, then after the class is over we get a Post-Test. We’re supposed to do really bad on our Pre-Test so that it makes our teacher look good in the end. Gotta love that! I answered two questions out of a twenty question test. I only answered those two because I’d have felt like a stupidhead if I didn’t answer any. I guess I’m in for a lot of learning this month. I’m really excited too! Should be fun!

Two sweet links before I go. GoodFonts - 300 must-have fonts for you. They seriously are beautiful. Greg Martin - This guy has made some of the most beautiful spacy wallpapers I have ever seen. Username “guest” password “access” M&M’s Dark Chocolate - Funny M&M’s Star Wars spoof about their new Dark Chocolate M&M’s