where’s waldo?

Google has gone and done it again. They’ve implemented satellite images into their Maps! This is so awesome. I really can’t describe it, so you’ll just have to click my link to it. Some places you can zoom in closer to than others, but it’s still awesome to see where you are and what you’re surrounded by. Everything just looks cooler from up above.

My school – It’s the building to the right of the “B”. That’s where I’m at right now.

Everywhere else that I can think of to put on here is too far up to tell anything. You can zoom in really close to big cities though. Like New York, Tallahasse, and Los Angeles. You guys should check it out. It’s really fun. Don’t try this on Dial Up or Satellite…..*sigh*. It’s really slow, but broadband is awesome with it. HAVE FUN!


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