OH yes! Weezer’s got a new song out called “Beverly Hills” and it’s really awesome! It’s so simple, yet so fun and cool all at the same time. I love weezer.

I’m taking my network+ test on wednesday. I think I’m totally gonna pass it because it’s really really easy material. After I pass this one, only 3 more until I’m MCSA certified! oh yeah!

Nothing interesting happened this week at all. Gonna witness to a Jehovah’s Witness tomorrow…wish me luck! Those guys seriously have the bible all misinterpreted. I’ve been discussing Theology with this guy for a week or so and decided to research his cult and learned quite a few things about them. On top of those things I learned about them, I’ve also learned about where to show him that he’s wrong. These guys believe Jesus is actually the Archangel Michael, which is crazy wrong. They also don’t believe that there is a Trinity, which is a difficult concept for even the most devout Christians but there are Bible verses proving this point. So I’m totally armed to confront him tomorrow on these things and maybe he’ll open his heart a little to listen. The sad thing is that I can’t point him in the direction of some really good references because they aren’t allowed to read anything outside of what the Watchtower Organization prints. Maybe I’ll peak his curiosity a bit and he’ll have to take a look at something.

Anyway, I seriously need to go to bed. I’m gonna be tired. Later!

“Beverly Hills….That’s where I want to be”

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