Man, my internet is running really fast today. I haven’t checked the actually speeds but browsing has actually been a pleasure. I learned recently that DirecWay overpopulated the satellite that I”m on so it was going reallys low for everybody, so hopefully now they have everybody balanced better.

I found probably the most interactice website ever the other day. It’s by this guy who created a single program that makes your PC look like a Mac. I know there have been several tutorials about this but most of them involved several seperate programs and lots of tweaking and downloading, but this program simplifies all that and gives you the Mac look without all the random running programs. For those of you who are curious you should visit the FlyakiteOSX project. The site is freakin’ amazing and you can interact with everything as if it were an actual OS! It’s awesome! So go look now!

I also came across a VERY addictive game called Cykram Airtos…now I don’t know where they got that name because I just called it Paper Tossing. It’s crazy fun! It’s simple and enjoyable, especially when you’re bored. I have managed to score 50,000 points and get a free Elite membership! It took me like 3 days to get it and I’ve found that it is utterly worthless, and having achieved this “elite” status, I no longer really want to play the game! It is still fun when you’re bored though…..I’m bored alot.

That’s all I have for now so you guys go have fun and stuff! Later!

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