Wow I have had the most fun up here in grand ol’ West Virginia for a week. I finally got to come up here again because I have spring break this week and I have had a blast. I haven’t really done a ton of stuff but hanging out with Stephanie has been awesome. I’ve been trying my best to occupy myself while she’s been at school and that has proven to be most difficult. I have finally got a chance to see a couple movies that I’ve been meaning to watch, such as Ocean’s Twelve, which turned out to be pretty good! A little confusing at points because of the not-in-order storytelling style, but it was really good.

It’s also been awesome having some fast internet for once! And it’s not necessarily all about the speed, its more about the ability to download more than a 169 megs in a day without losing speed. My satellite has a ridiculous Fair Access Policy, and this week has given me a chance to get away from it. I have taken advantage of Torrentspy like crazy this week.

We did get a chance to go to an awesome concert last night and heard some awesome bands! There was this band from D.C. called The Hint (or TNIH EHT as all their stickers and shirts say), and they were really really awesome. I kind of felt sorry for them a little though because nobody got up and stood at the front of the stage for them. I would have but I’m introverted and only move with a crowd :P. They had tons of energy though. I loved them! Then there was Every Other Tuesday, who totally rocked the house down. One of my friends from high school is their guitarist so that’s basically the only reason I wanted to see them. They play really good music though, but last night they played mostly covers. They played two Weezer songs which totally made my day! They played The Sweater Song and Say It Ain’t So, and those are two of my favorite songs ever so needless to say I jumped and rocked out at those two. Then finally there was The Varsity, I bought their cd and a couple buttons! They were really really good. They’ve actually played Taking Back Sunday! Their cd is really high quality and their songs are just great.

Anyway, I guess that’s all I have to say about this week so far. We’re going to see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tomorrow! I have a shirt with a 42 on it that I’m wearing and I’m taking my towel (for explanation just read the book). It’s gonna be so awesome! My birthday is also tomorrow! 20 Years Old! I’ve adjusted to the fact that I’ll no longer be a teenager and I guess I’m cool with the idea now. Well I guess I’m gonna go now. You guys take it easy!

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