Month: May 2005

Singin’ in the Rain

Man this week has been crazy fun! It’s been awesome having all my friends down and being able to go out and do stuff. We hit Panama City this weekend and that was quite an experience. There were so many people there it was crazy. That was come to be expected since it was Memorial Day weekend and all. We really didn’t do too much there except for eat at Pineapple Willy’s, go through the Gran Maze, and cruise the strip. I have to say that giong down the strip was really fun, and we saw some cool stuff. That place is getting so huge now. They are adding these huge resorts everywhere and they tore down the Amusement Park. I’m all sad because I had really fond memories there man. That place had been there for something like 50 years. Everything was falling apart but it was still awesome. The only disappointment I had from being there was my stupid Henna tattoo that I got rubbed off in a day. They used some kind of crap Henna that just smeared on your arm. It was stupid. So don’t ever get a Henna tattoo at Alvin’s Island. The temporary ones from vending machines last longer, seriously, I’ve had one of those on for 3 days now. Stupid waste of money.

Lando, Stephanie, and Ashley all decided to stay for another day because Lando doesn’t have to be back at work til Thursday. I was very relieved because it’s so fun having them down here. It’s really boring around my house without the extra commotion. We had a water gun fight yesterday. It was totally spontaneous. Then it started to rain and we had this epic rainy battle. Kind of like the end of The Matrix: Revolutions. It was awesome.

As for the movie, right now it’s not finished. We have this afternoon to shoot the last scenes…of which there are many. I’m trying to cut down on the script a little bit to remove some fluff and just keep it all flowing. We’ve had a real hard time because of all the freakin’ bugs out at my house. It’s ridiculous. I have so many bug bites I can’t even count them and there are horse flies the size of my head out there. We’re going to do our best to finish the last scenes quickly and painlessly and then it’s all the editing. I’m really hoping that Final Cut Pro can do the job for me. It was acting funny the other day when I was importing video. There was a little bit of skippage and I’m really hoping it was just a stupid thing that will fix itself. If this doesn’t work I might have to go with Adobe Premiere. I would just use iMovie but there isn’t a Day To Night filter anywhere for it. I would have thought that it was a very common plugin but it’s not. And we pretty much have to have it or else it’s going to be the only scary movie that takes place during the day. We’ll see how it goes though.

Well that’s about it I suppose! Friends leaving tomorrow…that saddens me. But I’ll survive and get back to posting on here a lot. It keeps me sane.

Movie Making at it’s Finest

Well we have now completed most of the more difficult scenes for our movie, The Shed. It’s actually coming along pretty well but I guess I won’t really know how well it’s going until we actually have some scenes editing and some music. This is definitely a low budget film so don’t expect anything extreme. But this movie is going to be awesome!!

We haven’t had much trouble getting the scenes on tape, but there have been a few setbacks. We were going to use a dirt road for a few scenes but, unfortunately, that dirt road has already been claimed by a hive of wasps and other various stinging insects. So we are on the search for a new road. From this point on shooting should be a breeze. I’m not at all worried about doing any scenes that involve the shed itself or anything around it. Our RAM should come in today and then I can get around to editing it.

I have no idea how big this file is going to be until I encode it. It might be well above 200 to 300MB to download. I’m going to host it at this free webserver I’ve discovered as well, so I have no idea how that will go. But we’re going to give it a try. The file will be encoded with DivX so you’ll need to have the DivX codec installed. Or you can just go get the spyware-less open source version, Xvid. I recommend Xvid because it plays DivX video and you don’t have to worry about any bundled software.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. I’m going to start memorizing my lines now so everything can go a bit smoother and then we should rap this up tonight. If not tonight, it will be done tomorrow and then the real work can begin.


I’ve finally discovered the joy of using Flickr! It’s basically a picture sharing deal that yahoo runs. You just upload your pictures to it and then you can have family, friends, and anyone else look at them. Check mine out here. It’s really a cool service and I’m enjoying it so far. I even added that cool little Flash thing on my sidebar to show my recent pictures! Yes, this site’s sidebar will continue to evolve until I get as much useless content on it as possible 😉 . I promise I won’t go too George Lucas on the whole thing. This will most likely be the last thing that I change for a long while.

Anyway, this week has been totally awesome! Having all my friends down has been the coolest thing to happen in about a year! we’ve just been hanging out, going places, doing things, and seeing Star Wars which as of right now is the high point of this trip. Oh man! We got to eat at this place called Dog Et Al that had the best hot dog I have ever eaten in my entire life. It was huge! Me and Lando had to get it because last time we got the biggest hamburger at Ruby Tuesday’s so we had to continue that tradition. I thought I was going to die after eating this hot dog though. I swear it was at least an inch and a half around and a foot long. They called it the Big Foot Dog, and with good reason. So if you are ever in the Tallahassee area, stop by Dog Et Al and grab a bite to eat. It’s so awesome!

I think we’re just going to goof around town today. We bought some RAM for my mac so we could shoot our movie but it ended up not working. We’re taking it back today and I think we might order some Crucial RAM because I have never had any problems with them. Don’t ever by Centon RAM. I’d never even heard of it before but I listened to my wallet instead of my common sense…bad idea. It was about 40 bucks but it came with a 13 dollar rebate making it around 27 bucks. I thought it was a good deal, but it wasn’t because it didn’t work. Anyway, I think we’re gonna shoot some more today and try to finish the movie by the end of this week. I really just hope all of it works out and we can get the day to night filter and all that good stuff.

Well I’ll stop typing now and let you all get back to what you were doing. By the way, Systm finally came out yesterday. So go download it all you tech crazy homies!

It’s Over

Episode III was awesome! It answered so many questions about everything! I really don’t know what to say about it other than it was just a great movie! I’m kind of all sad now because this means that it’s all over. There will be no more Star Wars movies, but I’m cool with that. After seeing the final episode it really makes me want to watch all six in straight succession. I have to admit that I did cry during this one. It was crazy emotional because you see this generally good guy just drifting into the dark side and betraying all those who care about him. It’s a terrible deal. I’m not gonna go into it much because I hate spoilers and I’m so glad I was spoiler free when it came to this movie.

We all had so much fun last night hanging at the theatre for HOURS. It did get boring at one point, but after the 501st Legion showed up, things got really intersting. Boba Fett kept coming into the theatre and wandering around. It was great! His costume was perfect!

Well I’m not gonna write much more because a storms blowing in. So you all should go see Episode III. It was definitly the best of the new trilogy. Later!

Today is the Day

Today is finally Star Wars day! Tonight at midnight I shall be sitting in a theatre with 3 of my closest friends and watching the fall of Anakin Skywalker. I’m so excited for this movie tonight it’s ridiculous. There are so many things that we all finally get to find out about. Who is Syfo Dias? Why do some Jedi become one with the Force? How does Padme die? It’s all so awesome! I really hope that I don’t overhear any spoilers while I’m standing around all the other hard core Star Wars geeks. Chances are that most of them have read every spoiler ever, the book, and the script that was released a few days ago. I have safely avoided any spoilers this time around so I pretty much have no clue what I’m walking into! And I’m loving it!!

I’m planning on doing an audio post while at the theatre tonight so look forward to that and we are going to take plenty of pictures. I was even thinking about taking my video camera and doing a little documentary thing but I don’t know about that. I might get tired of carrying it around, and I really don’t think I would be going anywhere near the theatre with that thing. So yeah, I’ll just not do that. But there will be plenty of pictures! This is going to be so awesome! Later!

The Definition

According to the New Oxford American Dictionary 2nd Edition, this is the definition of a Blog.

a weblog: blogs run by twenty-something Americans with at least an unhealthy interest in computers.

Now this could be a very accurate definition if they are talking about me, but I am not the only blogger in the world. A lot of bloggers might very well not care much at all for computers and just want to talk about stuff.

This is a really fun definition though, and one I had no clue was actually in the Oxford American Dictionary. Thanks Plastic Bugs for showing us all what Oxford thinks of us.

The Shed

I have officially finished my first screenplay! Woohoo! It’s a horror movie and it’s freakin’ awesome! Me, Lando, Ashley, and Stephanie are all going to shoot this movie while they are down here and it should turn out really good. I’ve got tons of ideas about how the scenes should look and how everything should flow together. The hardest part is done now. It ended up being 24 pages long which should equate to about 25 to 30 minutes depending on how much stuff I film. I’m not gonna go really artsy with it, it’s just going to be a straight up scary movie. I’m so excited about this!

There is only one stumbling block that I’ve come across so far and that is finding a Day to Night Filter for iMovie. I swear it’s impossible to find. You would think that somebody would have just developed a very simple plugin that turns your day shots into night shots. I really don’t want to shoot this at night because the colors just won’t be as vibrant and you won’t be able to see anybody. I’m definitely not going to use Night Shot because that would just be stupid. I do have one option that I can go with and that is buying another 256mb of RAM for my laptop so I can run Final Cut Pro and then use a free plugin for that. It’s the dream plugin for me because all you do is load it up and it changes everything to look like night. It’s so simple and I can’t understand why they don’t have something this simple for iMovie, and it’s FREE no less.

Also, I’ve learned today that members of the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion are going to be at the Star Wars premiere here in Tallahassee! This is gonna be awesome! I’m glad to know that I won’t be the only dork dressed up for this thing. Plus there was a guy on the radio who was talking about wearing a Darth Vader helmet and getting totally geeked out for this event. So yeah, we’re only 4 days away now! I’m counting the seconds.