oh the thinks you can think!

Tue, May 3, 2005 One-minute read

This is a really cool site that I found just yesterday. They let you sign up and post thoughts on what they call a “thought stream”. It’s fun because it’s a collection of random thoughts from people all over the place. You just sign up with a number (no names) and you can start posting thoughts. It’s really kind of fun….a total waste of time, but really fun nonetheless! You can only post once every 4 hours too so you are thinking of something different by then. Go post some thoughts!

I found that site because I was listening to the new podcast from the old screen savers crew. It’s called This Week in Tech now because G4 issued a cease and desist notice for their old name, The Revenge of The Screen Savers. It’s stupid if you ask me because G4 doesn’t even use that name for the show anymore, but I guess they still have the rights to it. Anyway, you should go check that out at www.twit.tv