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This is something that I’ve been needing to post about for a good while but just never thought about it. There is this awesome site called Digg that I have been frequently visiting lately to satisfy my insatiable hunger for tech news! It’s a site developed by Kevin Rose that’s supposed to be a Slashdot killer. It allows anybody to submit news stories, sweet deals, and basically anything of importance. I’ve been visiting it but never had the desire to do anymore until they implemented this cool “Blog Story” feature that lets you link to the story from your blog with just a click of a button! It’s way cool!! That’s where the story below came from. If you guys don’t ever go to this site, you should at least go check it out. There are some really good stories relating to science and technology being posted over there, plus sometimes they have some awesome tricks to getting a sweet deal on computer stuff!

I also found this sweet lightsaber site from Digg, and Boxed Thoughts (that site I mentioned earlier this week) was on there.

This Fall Out Boy album is so awesome!
“Sugar, we’re going down swingin'”

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