So I’ve been trying this VoIP service called Skype for a little while now, and though the software is simple and the clarity is great, I’m all sad because I can’t use it. Once again, my satellite internet has hindered me from doing anything even remotely cool on the internet! I was so looking forward to using this software for talking to my friends like Lando! We call each other a lot and those cell phone minutes and long distance charges can add up after a while. I was hoping that this would be our solution. Alas, It isn’t.

But I can say that it works really well if you have a land-line connection (DSL, Cable, even Dial-Up). The main problem is my upload latency that keeps it from transmitting my voice properly. When we were testing it, I could hear Lando perfectly! It was way better than listening to him over a cell phone. I was actually very surprised at how great it sounded. For an idea of how good Skype can sound you should check out This Week In Tech, because that is what they use for the show. It’s a great little program and if you’re looking for some a good, FREE VoIP service then you should give Skype a try. The only thing is that both people need to have it installed unless you pay for the SkypeOut service that lets you call regular phones. It’s free as long as it’s just computer to computer.

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