Widgets are cool!

So I’ve had OS X Tiger for about a week now which has given me plenty of time to test out some of the new features. I’m really not that hardcore of a mac user so I haven’t gone all in depth with some of this stuff but from what I’ve used, I love it!

First of all, Spotlight is freakin awesome! Say goodbye to the days of losing crap on your hard drive! Keeping your data organized has always been relatively easy, but with hard drives getting bigger and more types of data showing up every half minutes, we need a better way to find stuff. Spotlight does just that! You just click the little magnifying glass on the Finder and type in what you’re looking for. It searches your computer for any file conaining ANY reference to the words you typed in! It even searches for the words WITHIN TEXT FILES! It doesn’t just search for file names, but actually inside the file! Plus, it searches through chat logs! It’s so great, I don’t even have to worry about an organizational system, which is awesome because my organization sucks.

Another thing that I’ve found to be great is the Dashboard! This thing is probably the coolest thing to be BUILT IN to an OS since the GUI. All you do is hit F12 and your “widgets” pop onto the screen! Yes the most useless key on the keyboard has now been given a function! The coolest thing about this is the widgets that you can download! I’m running a dictionary, package tracker, weather, calendar, countdown, iTunes controller, calculator, and A HULA GIRL! That’s right! What dashboard would be complete without a hula girl?? So it’s basically everything that you would need given to you at the touch of a button! And it also helps that whenever you drop a widget onto the screen it makes this SWEET water ripple effect! Apple has some style, let me tell you that right now!

Those two features alone are reason enough to get Tiger, and if you are running windows now is the time to think about switching. From what I’ve seen of the new Longhorn OS from Microsoft, it’s not pretty. I’ve actually made the decision that the next computer I get will be a Mac. Of course it costs quite a bit more but it’s so much easier to use and its sturdy! Apple is doing a great job of easing into the consumer electronics market, and I think that the only thing they could do now that would give them a boost, is make their way into mainstream electronics stores like Best Buy and Circuit City.

But anyway! I just needed something to write about and my need to preach the Mac OS X gospel got the best of me. Yes I’m also a windows user but Mac just keeps becoming more and more attractive. I love computers. Man I need to go to bed.


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