I’m so ready

I finally went to the AMC Theatre today to pick up my tickets for Episode III. So now they are officially in my hand and I’ve found out that we are going to be in the biggest theatre there! That’s what you get for ordering a month in advance. I’ve also been keeping my eye on the AMC website to see how many showings there are going to be and if they are sold out so I know exactly how early we are going to need to get to the theatre. So after checking today I’ve come to discover that this movie is going to be in SEVEN THEATRES at midnight! It’s crazy! Already three are sold out!

I’m really so excited for this movie! It’s gonna be awesome. I’ve also learned that it’s 2 hours and 26 minutes, which is awesome because that means they have more time to explain everything. I just knew there was no way that they could explain everything they needed to in two hours. It just wasn’t gonna work. Anyway! All this is just to let you know that I know am going to the Star Wars premiere at midnight and I have my tickets in hand! I’ll take pictures and stuff and post them so you guys can see if I’m the only dork there in a Jedi Robe…I’m so freakin’ cool 😉

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