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I have officially finished my first screenplay! Woohoo! It’s a horror movie and it’s freakin’ awesome! Me, Lando, Ashley, and Stephanie are all going to shoot this movie while they are down here and it should turn out really good. I’ve got tons of ideas about how the scenes should look and how everything should flow together. The hardest part is done now. It ended up being 24 pages long which should equate to about 25 to 30 minutes depending on how much stuff I film. I’m not gonna go really artsy with it, it’s just going to be a straight up scary movie. I’m so excited about this!

There is only one stumbling block that I’ve come across so far and that is finding a Day to Night Filter for iMovie. I swear it’s impossible to find. You would think that somebody would have just developed a very simple plugin that turns your day shots into night shots. I really don’t want to shoot this at night because the colors just won’t be as vibrant and you won’t be able to see anybody. I’m definitely not going to use Night Shot because that would just be stupid. I do have one option that I can go with and that is buying another 256mb of RAM for my laptop so I can run Final Cut Pro and then use a free plugin for that. It’s the dream plugin for me because all you do is load it up and it changes everything to look like night. It’s so simple and I can’t understand why they don’t have something this simple for iMovie, and it’s FREE no less.

Also, I’ve learned today that members of the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion are going to be at the Star Wars premiere here in Tallahassee! This is gonna be awesome! I’m glad to know that I won’t be the only dork dressed up for this thing. Plus there was a guy on the radio who was talking about wearing a Darth Vader helmet and getting totally geeked out for this event. So yeah, we’re only 4 days away now! I’m counting the seconds.


  1. Pat

    What-A-Burger rocked my world!!! ANyway, have fun with stephanie, lando, and ashley. I want to see pictures of this star wars premiere! take it easy steve!

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