It’s Over

Episode III was awesome! It answered so many questions about everything! I really don’t know what to say about it other than it was just a great movie! I’m kind of all sad now because this means that it’s all over. There will be no more Star Wars movies, but I’m cool with that. After seeing the final episode it really makes me want to watch all six in straight succession. I have to admit that I did cry during this one. It was crazy emotional because you see this generally good guy just drifting into the dark side and betraying all those who care about him. It’s a terrible deal. I’m not gonna go into it much because I hate spoilers and I’m so glad I was spoiler free when it came to this movie.

We all had so much fun last night hanging at the theatre for HOURS. It did get boring at one point, but after the 501st Legion showed up, things got really intersting. Boba Fett kept coming into the theatre and wandering around. It was great! His costume was perfect!

Well I’m not gonna write much more because a storms blowing in. So you all should go see Episode III. It was definitly the best of the new trilogy. Later!

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