I’ve finally discovered the joy of using Flickr! It’s basically a picture sharing deal that yahoo runs. You just upload your pictures to it and then you can have family, friends, and anyone else look at them. Check mine out here. It’s really a cool service and I’m enjoying it so far. I even added that cool little Flash thing on my sidebar to show my recent pictures! Yes, this site’s sidebar will continue to evolve until I get as much useless content on it as possible 😉 . I promise I won’t go too George Lucas on the whole thing. This will most likely be the last thing that I change for a long while.

Anyway, this week has been totally awesome! Having all my friends down has been the coolest thing to happen in about a year! we’ve just been hanging out, going places, doing things, and seeing Star Wars which as of right now is the high point of this trip. Oh man! We got to eat at this place called Dog Et Al that had the best hot dog I have ever eaten in my entire life. It was huge! Me and Lando had to get it because last time we got the biggest hamburger at Ruby Tuesday’s so we had to continue that tradition. I thought I was going to die after eating this hot dog though. I swear it was at least an inch and a half around and a foot long. They called it the Big Foot Dog, and with good reason. So if you are ever in the Tallahassee area, stop by Dog Et Al and grab a bite to eat. It’s so awesome!

I think we’re just going to goof around town today. We bought some RAM for my mac so we could shoot our movie but it ended up not working. We’re taking it back today and I think we might order some Crucial RAM because I have never had any problems with them. Don’t ever by Centon RAM. I’d never even heard of it before but I listened to my wallet instead of my common sense…bad idea. It was about 40 bucks but it came with a 13 dollar rebate making it around 27 bucks. I thought it was a good deal, but it wasn’t because it didn’t work. Anyway, I think we’re gonna shoot some more today and try to finish the movie by the end of this week. I really just hope all of it works out and we can get the day to night filter and all that good stuff.

Well I’ll stop typing now and let you all get back to what you were doing. By the way, Systm finally came out yesterday. So go download it all you tech crazy homies!


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