Movie Update

Sun, Jun 5, 2005 2-minute read

I have got this movie so rocking that is ridiculous. It’s crazy blooper-liscious but I don’t even care at this point. This is such an awesome learning experience that I’m just soaking it all in. After working with this video, I’m totally going to do things different on my next movie. I’ve learned especially what NOT to do when making a movie.

I’m seriously working on this movie so hard right now. I’ve got most of the scenes and stuff spliced together except for like 2 scenes. The hard part is coming soon and that’s where all the sound and music comes in. I’m really bad at picking appropriate music for a movie but I’m doing my best. It’s so hard to find appropriate music for a movie, and it makes me understand why everybody creates their own. I, unfortunately, don’t have the talent to write a musical score for this movie. I wish I could but it’s just not gonna happen. I’m just going to go sifting through random horror movie sound tracks, and hopefully some of them will have appropriate music. Look for the movie to hit the internet next week.

In other news, I have a speech to do and I’m procrastinating like crazy to bring this movie to the world. It’s also about to rain which means I’m probably going to lose my internet connection and probably power, so I’m going to post this now. By the way, you can get Episode 7 of This Week In Tech now. So go get it! Later!