Technical Difficulties

I’ve officially hit my first issue when it comes to releasing this movie. I learned today that the free webserver I’m with doesn’t allow uploads over 15MB. This movie is going to be well over 15mb, so I’ll probably upload it using You-Send-It and let you guys download it from there. I’ll upload it a few times so there are several different links you can use. Stephanie is working on getting some music that fits and I’m still working on some transitions and what not. I’m really proud of this, despite all its flaws. I doubt this will really make sense to many people, but considering we just through out the script and free styled most of it, it came out well.

Question of the day:
Would you guys be interested in a Tech News/Misc. Podcast from Me and Lando? Just a thought I’ve had running through my head and I wanted some feedback.

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