bleh, I hate audio

Because of my intense frustration with picking out music, I have decided to send a rough cut of this movie to the amazingly talented Stephanie so she can pick out the music. That won’t get to her until tomorrow because I can’t upload it from home, and then she has to find the music, so needless to say it will be a little while longer before I put it on the internet. Sorry for all the delays but I’m really trying to make the best looking crappy movie that has ever been released by extremely amateur unskilled film makers. Okay, so it’s not too’s freakin’ awesome!

Anyway, once I get the music selections back from Stephanie and they are put into the final cut, I’ll be putting on here for all to see. Me and Lando are also working on something that should end up being really fun if all works out.

That’s it for now! Take it easy!


  1. Phate


    Unskilled my arse!

    That movie is so awesome ^_^

    Bwahaha Chi and I found the ending song! Omg itZ so perfectly wonderful.

    Ugh, I cant wait till it is all finished.

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