How to Mod an Xbox

Tomorrow is the big day for my informative speech in speech class. I’m really looking forward to it now. I was really really nervous about doing it, but I really know this material so if I find that I’m running way to short in time then I can just BS about it for a little while and I’ll be fine. I think the whole process of modding an xbox is worth 8 to 10 minutes of discussion. I’m going to go over everything from the xbox’s hardware to how to install a dashboard. I’m going to leave out all the stuff about BIOS flashing because these people don’t even know what a BIOS is and they still think flashing is the process of showing your “unmentionables” to passers-by.

Today I also got enrolled in a beta tester program for this place called freewebspacehost today. I’m gonna use my account on this to see if I can better understand the way that PHP and SQL work. Using these systems will really open more options for blogs. I’ve decided to leave this one where it is because it’s been established and I really have no reason to move it. It’s simple and fun! I am however going to be posting things regarding NinjaMan Productions and our planned Podcasts on the atgig server.

I’m thinking that we’re going to try for our first podcast, otherwise known as a pilot, on friday. Not so sure if it’s going to happen because there are few technical issues going on on Lando’s end, but we’ll see. Also, Stephanie and Ashley are planning on doing one related to all things that are….well random. Just interesting things they find on the internet that might be completely useless, but interesting nontheless! So I’m really excited about these upcoming events and I hope we can get them out soon.

Movie coding is having several setbacks, including my building frustration with compression technology. I can’t get the file size under 600MB and I KNOW that that is wrong, so I’m doing one last thing to get it right. If this doesn’t work, I’m going to ask the guys at the forums for some help. So yeah, you guessed it, the movie’s giong to be a little bit later than expected. But hey! You can’t say I didn’t keep you informed! later!

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