Podcast is ready to launch!

Sat, Jun 11, 2005 2-minute read

I’ve put up a test podcast on our new RSS Feed!

I’m so excited about this podcast man! I subscribed to feedburner.com and they do most of the work by wrapping your podcast in an RSS Feed and allowing people to download it using any RSS Reader or Podcasting client. You can also go to our feed here at : feeds.feedburner.com/steveandlando

That’s not exactly the most glamorous way of downloading our SWEET audio content though. The best way is to get a podcasting client such as iPodder to link directly to the link and download anytime new content becomes available. So go download that and add the above link to the feeds list and it will download Episode0000 for you! It’s that simple! It’s just me on this one because I wanted to test out how this was going to work and I’m basically just explaining what the Podcast is all about.

Now don’t go thinking that just because it’s called a PODcast that it’s only for people with iPods. It’s just mp3 files with an automated downloader. You can play these things on your computer as well as any portable mp3 device. So go get it!!

First Podcast is monday! Be ready with iPodder and the above link in your subscribed feeds list!