Episode 1 Launched!

Episode 1 of Steve and Lando’s On the Go Web Show has officially launched!

In this episode we discuss:

Mac moves to Intel
Michael Jackson Email Virus
World of Warcraft: Battlegrounds
Lando’s New Computer
Crappy Internet Service
The Lottery
And More!

Be sure to download this new show and have fun! You can listen to the show on your computer, burn it to a cd, or load it on any portable MP3 player! We had a lot of fun with this show, so much in fact that we have decided to make this a weekly show. We will release one new episode every Sunday night! If you want to be SURE that you will get this excellent new show, download iPodder and subscribe to our feed, or you can manually download the file from steveandlando.blogspot.com. Thanks for your interest! Tell all your friends!

This is only the beginning.


  1. Phate

    I am listening to it right now. Bwahaha, dude… this is so much funnier than I thought it was going to be!

    This ruleZ… Im going to post the link on my blog too?

    BWAHAHA XD Dude… you rulage.

  2. chibi

    Bwahahah….your pod cast is awesome. Very funny. I was very surprised how interesting i found it even though I’m not tech obsessed like some…*cough cough* haha. Good job you guys 😉

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