Something Brewing??

From Rober Padbury’s Blog:

A new TechTV is slowly emerging. It’s going to be free of contraints, and free of censorship. There is much to be said about the power of the internet, and from Podcasting to ipTV and it’s only natural that a geek-orientated television should be distributed via the geekiest means possible.

I don’t know what all this really means, but apparently something is going to happen on July 16, 2005. The one year anniversary of TechTV closing it’s doors in San Fransisco and moving everybody to LA. He mentions an announcement at 5 pm PST on that day. I don’t know what it could be that he would be talking about it so far ahead of time, but I can only hope that it is a rebirth of the TechTV we all once knew and loved. The fragments of the once beautiful station are still around: TWiT, Systm, The Broken. All we need them to do is get together under one roof.

Don’t forget the PODCAST!


  1. Phate

    Ok, granted I never watched a ton of tech tv… but I loved what I did watch and G4 decided to arse rape everything. I really dunno what they are thinking. You cant make geekdom into something “cool”, you cant mass market it to the abercrombie group.

    For your sake, and the sake of all the techie geeks out there… I hope they bring it back, and tell G4 where to stick it.


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