Batman Begins

I just got back from seeing Batman Begins and I have to say that it was good. Yep, that’s it, just good. I know I’m usually spazzing out over movies and how amazing they are but this one was just a straight up action movie. I did, however, love the way that they told the story of what drove Bruce to become Batman. The only problem was that the whole process felt like a flashback. It was either the feeling that it was a flashback or that it was a movie trailer. You know how they usually show random parts in movie trailers? Well that was kind of how the first 30 minutes of this movie felt. Like I was watching Bruce train but never really getting anywhere.

The music in this movie was a lot of the reason for that, I believe. It did not change with the scenes as most movies do. It was the same theme, never stopping, never breaking all through the first half hour. It also never seemed to climax, it was always building but never reaching a peak. It generally took too long to get to him finally becoming the Batman that we all want to see.

Another thing that really disappointed me about this movie was the ScareCrow. I was always a huge fan of the ScareCrow. I thought that he was the most creative villain ever dreamed up by a comic book writer. He used fear to weaken his enemies and that was always the most fascinating thing to me, but this movie failed to capture my vision of what the ScareCrow should be. I honestly didn’t get to see enough of him. He was almost so much of a minor character that I didn’t even think he belonged in the movie. It was almost as if they shoved him in because everyone needed to have a character they remembered. His entire place in the movie could have been left out and probably should have been, so they could bring him up at a time where he could have a more relevant part in the movie. This was the case with a couple characters: introduced but soon forgotten.

I did enjoy watching it, but it was nowhere near as good as Tim Burton’s Batman. It came close, but didn’t quite pass. Christian Bale played an excellent Batman, and Michael Cain was perfect (as always). The acting overall was top notch, it’s the story that could have used a bit of improvement. But that’s just my opinion.

The movie was good. Go see it.


  1. Phate

    Mwahaha you said Bruce train.

    Yeah, scarecrow wasnt in it at ALL… but when he was he was really impressivly insane and twisted.

    I friggen loved how they ended it… gave me chills.

    I kinda like the whole deviation from “Batman Vs SO and SO”

    It was just all HIM… all about him and his fears… his fear was his enemy this time.

    Bummer cuZ you like scarecrow, tho : /

  2. STEVE

    yeah I like batman. But I like batman when he’s fighting a fearsome villain. Why didn’t they use somebody completely useless like…bane or something. ScareCrow is just too awesome to waste like that. the way they left it though means they could bring him back..I hope 🙁

    commisioner Gordon’s story was way better than batman’s 😉

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