Run Forrest, Run

I seriously need a new computer chair because this one is driving me nuts! I sit on my rear so much during the day that I can’t just have any computer chair. I need one of those elite computer chairs with the vibration and what not. Okay, maybe I don’t need anything to crazy, but I would like a nice high back chair. The one I’ve got is just your average computer chair: no arm rests, comes up to my back, and sadly the cushion is gone. I swear that this thing used to be really comfortable but now I can feel my butt eroding as I sit here.

Some have suggested standing up, or even exercise! Exercise! Who do they think I am?! Ha! Really, I’m not against exercise. In fact, I love to get up and run every now and then. I am by no means..husky.. but I guess I could use some more “get up and go”. Exercise is important to anybody’s daily computer use. So if you have been sitting down for more than 2 hours, get up and give your rear a rest. Don’t end up like me with your butt as flat as a hardwood floor. Go excercise! It’s swell!

…on second thought, I really just would like a new chair.


  1. Cheebs

    hahahaha….you need help. Your chair really doesn’t have any cushioning left to it. Your poor but. Pretty soon you’re legs are just going to connect to you back ^o^

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