I’m really annoyed at blogger at the moment. I could have sworn I wrote a new post and published it last night, only today I find that it doesn’t exist. Did I simply dream up a post and then not type it out, or did blogger erase it somehow. Either way, I know I wrote a post and put it somewhere. Maybe I’m finally losing my mind. I guess all the days spent wasting time in front of this monitor is starting to get to my brain.

I have been so ridiculously busy this week it’s stupid. I have another Microsoft exam to study for, a quiz in my security class, a podcast to record, a fence to finish building, and company to entertain. Today is way too packed full of stuff. I’m trying to get everyone to understand that this podcast me and Lando do is very important and we’re trying to be professional. Sometimes I think that every thinks it’s just a game.

I think I need to go study for my exam now. Later.

UPDATE: I did lose a post somewhere! I don’t know what happened to it but it’s bugging me. I distinctly remember looking at it last night and it’s gone now. I had a line in it about and then a part where I said “it rules you” and it was all written in red. Time to change my password >_


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