Dennis the Menace

Cheezy title I know, and it doesn’t nearly express the frustration I have with this stupid Hurricane that has decided to come slamming right into my state and destroying things. Its well on it’s way and it’s aimed right at Tallamahassee. I really don’t want to flee to Alabama. That’s usually where we go when these stupid hurricane’s come along, and it’s not really because of the hurricane itself, it’s more about the potential of Tornado Spinoffs.

Anyway, it looks like it will be here by early Sunday. At least thats what I think, because I haven’t even looked at the weather channel. All I know is that it’s over Cuba right now. Stupid Hurricane.

I seriously just hope our house is still here after this thing blows over. It’s a category 4 hurricane right now, which is pretty serious as far as I know. I think it’s got like 135 MPH winds. It’s gonna totally knock both our sheds over and rip my room of our house. I can see it right now. Ugh….think about me down here in Tallahassee in the middle of all this crap.

Screw Alabama, I’m not leavin’. Okay not really “screw alabama”, I like Alabama, but I just don’t want to go now. Bah!


  1. Chibi

    FLEE! Flee I say! Flee like you have never…flee-ed…flown….fled….oh bah! Just leave! haha. I love you…so FLEE!

  2. Pat

    dude, you should so do something with your camera…like a documentary or something…or a movie. try to stay on the ground.

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