Foo Fighters Rule

Holy crap! I just got the new Foo Fighters cd and I have one word to say….AMAZING. This CD seriously rocks harder than anything I’ve heard all year. Not the hardcore kind of rock where all you hear is unintelligible screaming, but the melodic kind where everything fits together so perfect it gives you chills. I swear this cd has reminded me why I fell in love with music to begin with. It’s about time we got something like this to give rock that shot in the arm it needs right now. And the rock CD is only half of it….

This album is a double album, with one CD of freakin’ awesome rock and roll, and another CD of some beautiful acoustic songs. Everything about it is perfect to me. The only song that I didn’t like was one where Dave Grohl did a duet with Norah Jones. I know Norah Jones is a very talented woman and everything but the song just isn’t that good.

But the rest of the CD is perfect. This is one that I recommend picking up immediately. Rock on!


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