Man it has been a long time. Stephanie is down here so I’ve had a lot more to do than just sit at the computer and waste away. We’ve gone everywhere interesting down here over the last couple weeks. We hit the fondue restaurant (awesome!) and the Tallahassee Museum. We had a blast at the fondue place. It was all fancy and stuff. They brought out this cheese and bread first, then the entree which was chicken, lobster, tuna, ravioli, and a bunch of other crap to dip in this oil. It was sooooo good. The dessert was the best though man, it was like chocolate and marshmellow fondue with these graham crackers and stuff. It was awesome!! I want to go back but it was a tad expensive for multiple visits in less than a year. But it was great.

Anyway, I know I’ve been gone for a while but I’ll be back posting often by next week. I don’t think I got that job at the place I interviewed at. I’m going to call them today to be sure but I’m pretty sure I didn’t get it. I’m gonna call best buy today as well so I can see if they’ve looked at my application for a Geek Squad agent. That would be so awesome. Best Buy employees get a sweet discount too.

I’m also gathering news for the next podcast from me and Lando. You can subscribe to us using iTunes now which makes it a lot easier for people. So just search for Steve and Lando’s on the go web show in iTunes podcast directory. That’s it for now, I’m gonna tweak our site a little more to give you guys more options for listening to the show. Later!

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