I’m back!

Wow it has been a long time since I’ve posted. These things have been few and far between lately…and it might continue this way. As much as I like writing and explaining what goes on in my crazy journey through life, I’ve found another journey that has distracted me very much from reality…they call it World of Warcraft.

I’m seriously stuck on this game now. I got a demo of it out of PC Gamer this month and decided, “hey, I’ll just try this on satellite. What the heck.” So I installed it, connected, and played. Much to my surprise the game ran extremely well despite the 1500ms latency. Sure I get hit 3 times before the game registers that I pressed the attack button, but thats okay! Because I have high level friends to help me in these battles! Woohoo!

If any of you out there want to play with me, I’m in the Firetree realm and my name is Windel. I get pretty low pings on that server so that’s where I’m playing. I also have a few friends who play there. I’m playing as Alliance right now, but I might start a Horde character soon. I’ll probably put that one on Crushridge though because that’s where Lando plays Horde.

Anyway, yeah I’m obsessed with WoW at the moment. Now I know why Lando’s blog hasn’t been updated in forever. I also have to put it off so I can find news for this weekend’s podcast. The last one sucked a little because of all the distractions, and I was dead tired. I expect this weekend’s show to be excellent, however, and I expect all of you to download and listen.

Well that’s about it! Catch you guys later!

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