I must say that I now realize why Lando never ever updates his blog. It’s all World of Warcraft’s fault. I apologize for my lack of posts and I hope to get back to posting more regularly with my awesome insights into tech news and everything going on out there in the world.

I’ve just been having way too much fun with this game I guess! Seriously, if you haven’t tried it out then I urge you to pick up this month’s PC Gamer and give the free trial a try, just say goodbye to your life first haha! Okay, not a total goodbye, more like a “see you in a few days when I recover from my 30 hour Warcraft binge”. I haven’t played the game for 30 hours straight no, but I have played quite a bit and it’s awesome! I’ve got a level 23 Warrior on the Firetree server and I just keep moving on up. The whole game just stays interesting despite how “far” you get in it. I say “far” because there really is no REAL end to the game because there are always things to do. It’s online! So you keep meeting new people to play the game with and it becomes a social experience and not just another lock-yourself-in-your-room-for-hours game. You aren’t alone by any means.

Anyway, I’ll leave the Warcraft alone for now because I sure know that I need to. Not much has been happening lately that has really blown the socks off the techonlogy world. That’s a lot of the reason there hasn’t been a Podcast lately. It’s hard to throw together a show when you dont’ have much content to talk about. Sure, Apple releasing a two-button mouse was a big deal, but you can’t fill a podcast with rants and raves about it, especially without hands on experience. We’ll do another podcast sometime, I just don’t know when at the moment. I haven’t even listened to a lot of mine lately. My computer’s kind of being taken over by a constant game of WoW.

I graduate in 2 months, and I’m crazy nervous! What do I do then?! I suppose I get a job, but is that it? Is it just a job and then “Hey, Steve! Welcome to the rest of your life!” I don’t know! I want to do a lot more things than just get a job and exist. The uncertainty of it all is making me crazy. I know people who go for years without leaving college. Yet, here I am at the age of 20 and already graduating. I don’t even know how taxes and insurance work yet! Now, I know I’ll figure it all out as it goes, because I’m smart like that, but money makes me nervous. I never know how much I should have or how much I need…ack! Too much responsibility for a 20 year old at this moment. I should be going to the beach with friends and partying….but I don’t really like partying, or going to the beach….Growing Up Sucks!

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