Wed, Aug 31, 2005 3-minute read

I don’t know how much I’m going to talk about this on my blog. I just don’t like using this page as a rant on what happens in everyday life when it just sucks. I usually like to be cheery and bring to you news of awesome things happening around the world in tech, and stuff that I find cool in my life. But the last two days haven’t been so EXCELLENT.

I’ve got a new teacher and it’s not so fun. He’s not a geek, he’s strictly business. I’ve had the same two awesome teachers since I started this college and I’m used to having somebody who’s pretty obsessed with the world of tech to talk to about stuff, but this is just not going to happen anymore. I’m trying to give this guy a chance and maybe he’ll come out of this business-like shell and be willing to DISCUSS like all my previous teachers have. This guy uses the word “lecture”…ewwww. There will BE no discussion of events, I tried today and it failed miserably. I’m also nervous of the time when he actually TEACHES and doesn’t just stand up and explain Cisco ACLs. What IS going to happen when he has to interact, when we ask a question? I’ve already asked one he couldn’t answer….needless to say it was ignored and avoided. I explained Bittorrent….we went back to ACLs. Believe me it was a relevant question and he said he wasn’t familiar with it, so I explained. Nothing wrong with that I thought, but we moved on. My question left unanswered. Maybe I’m taking it too personal, but it’s difficult coming from a time when things were openly discussed and questions were encouraged, and moving on to “lecture time”. Its dumb.

I have you guys though. Everybody who comes across this blog is awesome. Whether you leave comments or just stop by, you guys are the reason I write. I write because there are people out there like you who are willing to hear about new movies, music, games, tech, gadgets, and everything else. That’s what a blog is. A place to spill your guys about your passions. If it wasn’t for this blog and my podcast, I would be nothing but a big bank of information with no place to go. Blogs and podcasts have given me freedom to express what I have to say, and you guys are there to listen. Leave a comment with your blog link and I’ll read it. I’ll comment on your blog. People have things to say and I’m gonna listen.

I swear this will be the last rant for a loooong while. I just needed to let it out.